Further than working on the script, Faouzi Vision offers a quick overview of the final result through the use of the storyboard, a drawn plan representing the story. The storyboard also allows you to come up with the different ideas relevant to the story and make all the changes that need to be done before the shooting starts.

Production (Shooting)

By owning our own equipment including HDCAM SR, HDCAM, DIGITAL BETA and the DVCAM, as well as all necessary machinery and equipment for lighting, therefore our structure is able to optimize both the process of capturing and the production.


A film is successful when it succeeds in capturing the attention from the first seconds, and the quality of the direction is what conveys the idea. Therefore, to reflect a relevant commercial speech, there is nothing like an image produced by a professional, and a skillful direction.


In terms of recording and postproduction, sound is not an area to be overlooked, and can definitely make the difference between an amateur and professional production. Through mastering this discipline of the production process, Faouzi Vision guarantees perfectly accomplished projects.

Equipment rental

To fulfill the need of any audiovisual equipment rentals, we offer a wide choice of different tools and accessories, during production and postproduction for both sound and picture.

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